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FIFA 20: Who are the best right-backs?

fifa 20 right-backs
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Find out here who are the best current and young right-backs in the FIFA 20 career mode based on their overall ability, potential and market value.

Right-back is perhaps the most evolving position in football after decades of it being overlooked. In fact, it wasn’t that long ago people rated the role as unimportant. Almost as if the player was there just to make up the numbers. But that’s not the case today, with FIFA 20’s career taking no exception either.

We’ve seen some truly great players excel in the position such as Cafu, Gary Neville, Gianluca Zambrotta and Djalma Santos.

So what would make a great right-back for FIFA 20? You’ll need someone able to cover the space on the right flank and to mark forwards. Ideally, the player will be quick both on and off the ball. That way he can get involved in attack during aggressive plays for a goal.

Who is the best right-back in FIFA 20?

Joshua Kimmich is the best right-back in FIFA 2020 with an overall rating of 87. His best stats are stamina (94), crossing (91), reactions (87) and short passes (87). While the German can also play as a defensive midfielder. Therefore, he would make a great signing in the game. Especially with a potential rating of 90.

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The ideal signing could be Achraf Hakimi, who is worth €30m and potentially a rival for Kimmich. But the Moroccan is on loan from Real Madrid at the start of Career Mode. Therefore, gamers will have to wait at least a season to sign him. Although his transfer value may rise by then.

But if you fancy a cheap and quality right-back, Joao Cancelo might be a good call. Not only is the Portuguese still young, but he can also play in different roles such as a right-winger and left-back. So €29.5m isn’t a bad price unless you’re with a small team.

So here are the 10 best right-backs in the game based on their overall ability. To make things a little more interesting, we included footballers who may not play in the position regularly. But they are effective when called upon anyway.

FIFA 20 best right-backs

  • OV = Overall Ability
  • POT = Potential Ability
  • (*L) = On loan
Joshua Kimmich25Bayern Munich8790€58m€135k
Trent Alexander-Arnold21Liverpool8590€46m€95k
Dani Carvajal28Real Madrid8585€34.5m€200k
Ricardo Pereira26Leicester City8486€33m€105k
Cesar Azpilicueta30Chelsea8484€25.5m€145k
Joao Cancelo25Man City8387€29.5m€135k
Juan Cuadrado31Juventus8383€22.5m€130k
Kyle Walker29Man City8383€21.5m€150k
Achraf Hakimi21Dortmund (*L)8287€30m€125k
Nelson Semedo26Barcelona8285€24.5m€145k

To find out who are the best young right-backs to sign, then continue to the next page.

Who is the best young right-back?

Now we’ve seen the best right-backs, it’s time to check out the stars of the future in Career Mode. This is an important step for all gamers. Not only does it set them up well for the future, but it could also save a tone of money. So there will be more funds to splash out a new superstar signing.

The best young right-back on FIFA 20 is Trent Alexander-Arnold. Despite only being 21, he is already among the best with a current rating of 85. The youngster’s strongest stats in the game are crossing (93), long passes, (87) and stamina (87). So if you’ve got loads of cash to spare, look no further than this guy.

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Cafu has even backed him to win the Ballon d’Or someday. And with a potential rating of 90, perhaps the Brazilian World Cup winner has a point?

But if you want to save some cash, then Strasbourg’s teenage star Mohamed Simakan looks like a decent bet.

While Jeremie Frimpong and Josha Vagnoman could be a great bargain on FIFA 20 if you will give them time to develop.

  • OV = Overall Ability
  • POT = Potential Ability
  • (*L) = On loan
Trent Alexander-Arnold21Liverpool8590€46m€95k
Achraf Hakimi21Dortmund (*L)8287€30m€125k
Reece James20Chelsea7587€10.5m€37k
Mohamed Simakan19Strasbourg7286€6m€9.5k
Neco Williams18Liverpool6486€950k€4.1k
Emerson21Real Betis7585€10m€14k
Diogo Dalot21Man United7585€10m€55k
Max Aarons20Norwich7385€6.5m€17k
Jeremie Frimpong19Celtic6885€1.7m€4.9k
Josha Vagnoman19Hamburg6685€1.2m€1.5k