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Ferdinand compares Greenwood to Manchester United legend

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After his performance against Leeds United, Mason Greenwood got compared to a Manchester United legend by Rio Ferdinand. 

Even though he is still quite young, Mason Greenwood is already being likened to one of Manchester United’s biggest legends. Rio Ferdinand played alongside this striker and he too lived through the excitement when he was just a teenager. If you haven’t guessed it by now, we are talking about Wayne Rooney. The Red Devils’ all-time top scorer started his career at Everton but he quickly rose through the ranks. His skills got him to the point where Sir Alex Ferguson himself picked him to become the new star at his club.

After a full career with United, Wayne Rooney left with an insane trophy room under his belt. Even though Greenwood still has a long way to go, Ferdinand is already looking at some striking similarities with Wayne Rooney when he was just starting his career. During the match against Leeds United, the youngster scored one of the five goals from his side with stellar precision. 

Ferdinand can’t help but compare the two. 

As you might already know, Rio Ferdinand has his own football Youtube channel where he discusses the week’s best moments in Europe’s top leagues. However, his attention obviously veers towards the Premier League. After United’s win against Leeds, Rio started noticing a pattern with Greenwood: “I saw some of the stuff in that game where I know some of the coaches and people behind the scenes at Man United are saying this isn’t a surprise.

“It has just been waiting to happen in the first team and his body is catching up. He knows what he needs to do, but Wayne Rooney when he came into the first team was a man already. You can see with Mason Greenwood he has built into that frame of being a first team player and at the weekend, Graeme Souness was right, he was one of the stand-out players. Some of the movement, the ball retention, shrugging people off and the finish was a joke.”