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Famous South American manager could leave his club

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Tremendous news that could rock European football in the next market as a famous South American coach might leave his current club. 

One of South America’s most prominent managers seems determined to take the next step in his career after a wildly successful run. We are talking about Marcelo Gallardo, the current River Plate manager. The man who won a plethora of titles in Argentina might be finally on his way to European football to continue his already brilliant career. With his current club, the man already won two Copa Libertadores titles and the Copa Sudamericana.

Plus, he already won an important number of domestic titles to make him one of the most successful managers in South American football history. We were all expecting him to make the decision to coach in Europe and it appears the time is finally here. There is still no confirmation as to where he will choose to move after leaving River Plate. However, there is already a major rumor that he is about to leave River Plate and take that next step. 

Which club or national team would suit him better?

This is an entirely opinion-based take on Marcelo Gallardo’s future. The man needs to first go to a club in which he doesn’t have too much pressure. European football is played at an entirely different speed than in South America. If he goes directly to one of the world’s top clubs, there might be a chance he doesn’t immediately succeed. Perhaps going to the French Ligue 1 is a good first option for him. After he gets more familiar with the level of competition, then he can start thinking bigger.

If a club like Real Madrid (for example) tries to sign him after Zidane leaves, Gallardo might succumb to pressure on his first season. But then again, we are talking about one of the greatest managers in his country’s history who is barely starting his professional career. Who knows how much success he will have in Europe. ESPN reported his most recent press conference where he offers a vague answer about his future.