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Explaining Wayne Rooney’s terrible week at Derby County

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Wayne Rooney is at it again, this time we explain the reason he is involved in two more scandals whilst at Derby County. 

Wayne Rooney tends to get involved in scandals off the pitch that tends to leave his image quite severed. In previous years, there have been images depicting his issues with alcohol that probably got him in trouble with his family. We are talking about a married man with four kids who likes to go out and enjoy himself at parties. Nothing wrong with a little fun but things get a little tricky when women are involved. In the latest scandal, there are pictures circulating online of Wayne Rooney completely passed out.

A few ladies who apparently partied with him decided to picture the star completely fast asleep with them half-naked. The Derby County manager decided to go out on a party night right after a friendly ahead of a new season for the Rams. He invited some friends over to a famous nightclub in Manchester, where they met a group of ladies who later pictured Rooney and uploaded it to social media. As the scandal began taking shape, the manager’s representatives reached out to the local police. They argue that these pictures were taken without Rooney’s consent and he is willing to take legal action against the women. But that’s not all Rooney has done this week. 

Wayne injures a young Derby County player. 

Earlier today during Derby County’s training session, there were several reports of Wayne Rooney making a reckless tackle against a youngster. Midfielder Jason Knight suffered a serious ankle injury after a slide from his own manager. The reports are saying that the 20.year-old will be out of action for at least 12 weeks. It’s definitely not a great week for the Manchester United legend with scandals happening both on and off the pitch.

Hopefully, things can wind down for Rooney and his family. There is still no confirmation from Derby County about the way they’ll go about dealing with these problems. As per The Telegraph, Wayne Rooney still hasn’t made any public statements about his recent behavior during practice. As far as the legal actions are concerned, the investigation into those images on social media is still ongoing. What a week for Wayne Rooney.