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Explaining Man United’s problem with Pogba and Bruno Fernandes

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We will make our best effort to explain Man United’s major problem with Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes that they need to fix quickly. 

Man United is currently having a major tactical issue with Paul Pogba and Bruno Fernandes that we’ll do our best to explain. Before the Portuguese player came from Sporting CP, Paul was the main man who could create chances as well as defend midfield. Paul Pogba has always been a versatile player who can do both at similar levels of performance.

When he plays for France, Didier Deschamps tends to get the best out of his game because he completely understands his role. The only time Paul Pogba has truly played freely on the pitch is at Juventus. This is directly opposite to his position at Manchester United. Jose Mourinho always wanted to make him defend more, whereas Solskjaer preferred him to play a more offensive role before Fernandes arrived.

But now that Bruno is getting his due time as a playmaker, Pogba’s role has been diminished to a defensive role. If he doesn’t play more open inside the pitch, he will eventually get lost and become irrelevant for the Red Devils. So, why is this happening to Pogba?

Solskjaer could be paving the way for his exit. 

Due to all the disagreements he’s had with the supporters over the years. Paul Pogba’s figure has been gravely stained due to his behavior. Understanding his current situation is not difficult if you take a look at his decisions over the last couple of years. That and the injury he suffered last season, are amongst the reasons he’s lost weight as one of the club’s most reliable players.

Paul was only important at Manchester United during the Europa League year under Jose Mourinho, that’s simply the reality. Other than that, he’s just been able to show glimpses of the player he was at Juventus. For a baller who costs €110 million, it’s safe to say he hasn’t been a good investment for Manchester United.

Now that he is about to enter the final year of his contract, perhaps signing Bruno Fernandes was premeditated against Pogba. United has a world-class player in that position. They can easily agree to let the Frenchman leave as soon as they find a proper suitor. Real Madrid and Zidane are beginning to look more like a viable option for Pogba.