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Evra posts hilarious video response to Ronaldo’s alleged sheep problem

Patrice Evra, Sheep, Cristiano Ronaldo
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The former Red Devils star has mocked claims that Cristiano Ronaldo switched homes in Manchester because of sheep with a hilarious video.

Patrice Evra posted a hilarious response on social media to reports of Cristiano Ronaldo moving mansions because of loud noises from sheep.

A report from The Sun on Thursday claimed Ronaldo and his family moved from their seven-bedroom home to another because nearby bleating sheep kept waking them up.

Ronaldo’s entourage has already denied these ‘entirely fabricated’ claims, although Evra couldn’t resist a little dig. The Frenchman shared a video on Instagram of himself transporting a flock of sheep on a boat.

“Don’t worry bro, I’m moving my sheep (sheep emoji) far away from your (house emoji) shepherd mister #ilovethisgame can do everything,” Evra wrote in the caption.

West Ham up next for Ronaldo

As for football matters, Ronaldo is currently preparing to face West Ham on Sunday in the Premier League. The Portuguese ace has had a brilliant return to Manchester United so far, scoring three goals in his first two games back.

He hopes to help the team bounce back from a 2-1 Champions League defeat to Young Boys on Tuesday by maintaining United’s lead in the Premier League table.