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Erling Haaland reacts to racist abuse of England players

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After England’s painful defeat against Italy, Erling Haaland reacted to all the racist abuse directed towards English players. 

Erling Haaland is one of Jadon Sancho’s biggest friends and the racist abuse he received over the weekend didn’t go unnoticed. The Borussia Dortmund striker wanted to make his position about this matter very clear. All three youngsters who missed their penalty shot against Italy have suffered online racist attacks that are completely unacceptable. Erling Haaland was one of the most vocal people against this deplorable behavior. This is quite easy to understand if you start by thinking about his good friend who is part of this abuse.

Haaland made some pretty incredible memories alongside Jadon Sancho during their time at Borussia Dortmund. Together, they won the German Pokal last season and they hoped to remain partners for at least one more year. However, the young English forward ended up signing a new contract at Manchester United for next season. Haaland was gutted with the news but he was also happy for his friend. Today, he came out in his defense once again. 

Haaland is against any form of discrimination. 

It’s not just racist behavior. Erling Haaland is against any form of bullying or discrimination both on and offline. The Norway international was utterly disappointed by what he saw from England supporters say and do against these players. Everybody keeps blaming Sancho, Rashford and Saka for the loss. But they don’t talk about how brave they were for stepping up when their manager requested them to take the shot. Even though both Manchester United players were fresh out of the bench, they still wanted to do anything to help their country.

Haaland values that above anything else and he completely disapproves any type of behavior against any of them. He wrote the following message on his official Twitter account: “I don’t understand why there is still room for racism and discrimination. We will never tire of fighting against any form of discrimination. Instead of being applauded for having the courage to take the penalties, these young men are attacked with racist insults. I am speechless.”