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England: Jonh Stones reacts to ‘harsh’ Harry Maguire criticism

Harry Maguire - England
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The Three Lions defender came under fire after a dip in form at Man United.

England centre-back John Stones has defended Harry Maguire against the ongoing criticism toward the Manchester United captain.

Maguire spent a tough 2021-22 campaign at Old Trafford, failing to show his best form amid the team’s struggle for defensive consistency.

Back in March, England fans booed Maguire while he also received a threat to bomb his family house. Stones describes criticism toward his England teammate as ‘harsh’, insisting he enjoys playing alongside the 29-year-old.

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“I think some of the criticism that I’ve seen personally and over this season has been harsh,” Stones said.

“I don’t want to get into that but I think how he’s conducted himself on and off the pitch. He should be extremely proud of that and, all I can say is, I enjoy playing with Harry and I hope that we can do for many more years to come.

“I used to play against Harry as a kid and I knew his quality then. I think he was the age group older than me but I got the opportunity to play against him and it took quite a few years to be able to play with him here.

“We hit off straight away, he is an incredible person off the pitch, first and foremost, and an incredible partner and player to play with on the pitch.

“So I hope we can keep playing together and building this partnership, whoever it may be, in a back three or back four.”