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England: Gary Neville gives verdict on Rashford form after Wales display

Marcus Rashford - England
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The Manchester United star has shown impressive signs of improvement recently.

Garry Neville has praised Marcus Rashford for his improved form, insisting Manchester United should “never sell” him.

Rashford scored a brace for England in their 3-0 win over Wales on Tuesday. The Man Utd striker scored a stunning free-kick to put the Three Lions ahead before completing his brilliant performance with their third goal of the night later on.

Rashford’s performances for England are in line with his improved form at Man Utd just before the tournament.

Speaking about the 25-year-old, Neville told Sky Sports: “There was that period in his life during lockdown where he achieved so much off the pitch.

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“It’s hard. I played with [David] Beckham who had that off-the-field focus at times, whether it be in the earlier parts of his career when he started going out with Victoria [Beckham] and he had to cope with that off the pitch scrutiny all the time.

“Marcus had that for a couple of years whereby it brought pressure.

“Marcus Rashford has got back to what he does. He’s simplified his life, he’s still achieving great things off the pitch but in a more measured manner. 

“There were people saying that Marcus Rashford needed to be sold by Manchester United. Manchester United could never sell Marcus Rashford. He’s a massive talent. 

“It’s great to see him in an England shirt, and I think he’s pushed himself into a position where he will start on Sunday.”