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Ederson predicts Premier League title race between ‘six or seven sides

Ederson - Manchester City
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Liverpool ran away with the title last season, but Ederson is expecting a much more open battle between several contenders this time.

Liverpool won the Premier League title with a whopping 18-point margin against Manchester City last season.

Man City’s triumph was a close one in 2019/19, but even then they had only one real competitor. The difference between 1st and 2nd was a meager one point but the 3rd placed team were lagging behind by a staggering 25 points against the side above them.

The English top-flight has witnessed a duopoly in the last few years with the likes of Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, and Tottenham providing no real competition in the title race.

However, Ederson is expecting that trend to change this year as he can see several teams competing for the crown.

“This is not a usual season, the teams out of the ‘Big Six’ have all started well. Aston Villa, Everton, and Southampton have all shown good performances lately,” the goalkeeper told his club’s official website.

“They have a lot of quality players and they’ve all had a good pre-season to start at the highest level.

“This year it will be different, it will be tighter, and I think the title race won’t between two teams, but six or seven sides.”