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Diego Simeone’s stern warning to Real Madrid and Barcelona

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During a recent interview, Diego Simeone sent a stern warning to Real Madrid and FC Barcelona ahead of a new La Liga season. 

Even though he just won La Liga with Atletico Madrid, Diego Simeone knows he needs to keep a close eye on Real Madrid and FC Barcelona. If he wants to perpetuate his dominance in the tournament, he can’t just worry about his squad due to the prestige of the other two clubs. Although there are some evident economic problems with both institutions, they are still amongst the most complete rosters in the world. For Simeone, trying to keep them on their toes throughout the season will be essential if his players want to continue on their path to victory.

Winning the Spanish La Liga twice throughout his tenure is a fantastic achievement but the next step is pretty obvious. Next in line, there is only the UEFA Champions League for ‘Cholo’ Simeone. But if winning La Liga is also inside the realm of possibilities, the Argentine manager will also embrace that. There’s no question about it. Many of the local media outlets are more friendly with Real Madrid than Atletico. Hence the loaded questions directed at the manager. 

Simeone’s warning to Atletico Madrid. 

In one of the questions during an interview for Marca, they suggested ‘Cholo’ Simeone always tries to play the victim when his squad is already one of the most powerful in the continent. Simeone responded with the following statement: “People always think I claim victimhood, but it is true that Real Madrid and Barcelona have almost always been superior. It’s the squads, all the years they’ve competed. But, that does not mean that in any given year you will be better.

“It happened in 2014, when we were better. It happened in 2021. We have been better, but that does not mean we are better. Real Madrid and Barcelona know they can’t make mistakes. We know our place and we want to improve, but that is not victimhood. Everyone interprets it however they want. The reality is that Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United, PSG, Manchester City, Bayern… They are the historic clubs, but that is not why they will always win.”