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Depay sounds hurt towards Barcelona on his latest statement

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According to a statement made by Memphis Depay during the international break, the Dutch forward seems hurt towards Barcelona. 

The Barcelona board might’ve killed the chance to sign Memphis Depay for good, add another awful resolution to their list. A Dutch forward with so much to give to any club that takes him, shouldn’t be treated in the way Barcelona treated Memphis. When the whole negotiation between the club and him started, Depay was convinced he would become a Barcelona player.

Ronald Koeman sanctioned the whole operation but even the manager was betrayed by the board, both are fuming against Bartomeu. The difference is that Memphis can still make a choice to not play at the Catalan club in January. Although the club promised him that they would sign him during the winter, he is no longer sure he wants to get in bad with this board. After the elections, a different president will come and things will be very different. But for now, Depay doesn’t know if he’s in the mood for betrayal anymore. 

Depay’s other options and plans. 

After this failed attempt to sign Memphis, Barcelona burned one of their bridges that led to a great player. Depay has many clubs coming after him in the next transfer windows, especially with the price on his back. Any clubs that wants him won’t pay more than €25 million, which is insane for a player this talented. It is clear that Spanish football is on a steady decline, which leaves Memphis thinking about a possible return to the Premier League. 

When asked if he would sign for Barcelona in January, Memphis said through Sport: “We’ll see. We will get to January soon. It’s a matter of waiting to see how things progress. I’m not saying I will surely leave Lyon but other clubs might be an option soon. At 26 years old, I am almost free of my contract. So, you can definitely wait for clubs to have an interest in me, right? Everything happens for a reason.”