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Depay reveals whether he can play with Messi and Aguero or not

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Ahead of his first season at FC Barcelona, Memphis Depay spoke about the chances he could get to play alongside Messi and Aguero. 

Memphis Depay is crossing his fingers to possibly play alongside players like Leo Messi and Sergio Aguero together. Next season’s line-up for Barcelona is starting to look quite scary for all their opponents. Depay delivered a great performance during the opening pre-season match and hopes he can continue with next weekend’s activity. But the most important matter right now is Leo Messi’s contract extension, which still hasn’t been finalized. Everybody is hoping Joan Laporta can find the magic combination that can get Messi to finally say yes to the new contract.

However, this won’t be easy due to the club’s delicate financial situation. Memphis Depay is one of the many players who arrived at FC Barcelona on a free transfer, he came alongside Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia. Memphis is confident Messi can sign his contract and he has no doubts he can play alongside both Argentina forwards. There is always a growing doubt about their position but the Dutchman is convinced they can perform at the highest level. With Leo on the right-wing, ‘Kun’ as a striker, and him on the right. FC Barcelona can potentially become unstoppable. 

Memphis knows he can play with Messi and ‘Kun’. 

In a recent interview with Sport, Memphis spoke about several topics but this was amongst the most important: “It would be amazing to play with [Messi]. Hopefully it is possible. He has a number of qualities that the team needs and it would be important to build everything around that. There is a lot of talent in the team. It would be great for me to play alongside him and win titles. We have many attackers, but all different in my opinion. I have different abilities and strengths than Sergio Aguero, for example, or any other player.

“I think the three of us are compatible and different, but we are going to see how everything happens. Koeman has had a great impact on me, in important years. He was able to change the Netherlands team, he counted on me, he gave me confidence. Now he has wanted to count on me for this adventure in Barcelona, so he has undoubtedly been a relevant figure. I know him and how he trains, so it’s easier for me to adapt. I know what he expects of me, we’ve been working together for a long time. Even with him on the bench it will obviously not be easy at all, but it is clear that it is a good thing. Without him it would have been different.”