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Dembele gets fined by Xavi for reporting late at Barca training

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New boss Xavi set an example for other players at Barcelona by striking a fine on Ousmane Dembele for reporting late for a training session.

Ousmane Dembele received a fine from the new head coach Xavi for not attending Barcelona’s training session at the given time on Friday.

Minutes within his arrival at Camp Nou, the Spanish boss has inflicted his rules and regulations at the club. 

Even during his maiden press conference, Xavi focused on the importance of discipline. He said: “Well it’s just to follow some rules like in any company, like in any club. When there have been rules in our dressing room, things have gone well, and when not, they have gone badly.”

“That’s really clear, so yeah, we’ll implement rules and they will have to follow them.”

Indeed, the 41-year-old has been true to his word. According to the Mirror, the Spaniard cancelled an interview for Gerard Pique to keep him on track earlier this week. 

One of Xavi’s rules on the premises is that all the players should arrive at least 90 minutes before every training session. 

Dembele has a history at Barca which has seen him arrive late at the training sessions. And the French star failed to adhere to the new changes made by his new boss.

The session was due to begin at 10:00 am on Friday and Dembele was not seen until 8.33 am, making him three minutes late. Therefore, Xavi imposed a fine on the young winger.

As a matter of fact, the rules are a tad bit stricter for all the coaching staff that works under the new manager. He has instructed his colleagues to be present two hours prior to the trainings in order to have individual talks with the players.