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Dembele finally got aligned with FC Barcelona’s program

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Ousmane Dembele seems to finally have found his best form at FC Barcelona, he is finally aligned with the club’s program as per his results. 

Ousmane Dembele was arguably one of the biggest flops at FC Barcelona over the last five years, but all that changed this season. The French forward tended to always fall injured and show a poor attitude in front of his teammates. He used to come in late for practice, fall a sleep, he even missed some official matches. It was evident that this player lacked the maturity to be a Barcelona player.

But he always remained one of the most talented footballers at the club, he only needed that little push. After several years of non-stop injuries, Ousmane finally decided to make a drastic change in everything he did at the club. From his tardiness to his diet, Ousmane is a whole new man this season at FC Barcelona. Getting to see him more involved with the club’s objectives is even refreshing to the rest of his teammates. 

Will Dembele leave or stay?

We need to always keep in mind that Ousmane Dembele came in 2017 after signing a 5-year contract. This means that his commitment to the club ends in the summer of 2022. Unofficially, Ousmane can start negotiating with any club he wants during the summer of this year. However, Sport reports that the player is willing to wait for the new Barcelona president in order to sort out his future.

He still hasn’t told anybody if he wants to stay at the club or leave to search fortune in another squad. We will know what he decides by the end of this season. But meanwhile, all we can do is sit back and finally get to enjoy Ousmane Dembele’s best form. When Messi isn’t around, he finally gets that the club depends on his talent to win the matches. Here’s to hoping he remains this involved and he doesn’t get injured again.