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De Ligt reveals the reason he’s laughed at by Juve teammates

De Ligt
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On the pitch, Matthijs de Ligt is easily one of the brightest players for Juventus. Off it, he might not shine equally much.

Juventus defender Matthijs de Ligt has said that people within the club sometimes laugh at him for the clothes he wears. The Dutchman would rather go for comfort over style while others deck themselves out in expensive designer gear.

Still only 21, the Netherlands international has already been in the Serie A with the Bianconeri for two years. In that time, he has already established himself as a key player despite his young age.

De Ligt is mostly focused on his game on the pitch and his nonchalance off it can sometimes lead to jibes from his team-mates.

Speaking to de Volkskrant, De Ligt said: “I always dress the way I am dressed now. I’m just not a big fan of expensive designer clothes.

“I am Matthijs, I am myself and you will not see me going to training in a tailored suit, it’s just that simple. My profession is football player. I want to be a star on the field.

“Sometimes I get laughed at at the club for what I wear, but I don’t care. As long as I feel good with my behaviour and how I dress, I am satisfied.

“The most important thing is to perform well on the field, then people respect you much more than when you’re wearing certain clothes.”

One change De Ligt has had to get used to, however, is the passion with which football is treated in Italy. The centre-back admitting that while he enjoys being revered, he also likes returning to his home country for the peace and quiet.

“That’s the funny thing here,” he said of Turin and beyond. “Whether you play well or play badly, you remain a hero to the supporters. They look up to footballers so much here.

“In the Netherlands, I was just a normal boy who happened to play football. In Italy, footballers stand above average members of society. That’s just what it’s like here.

“I like the appreciation, but it’s also nice to walk around in the Netherlands without being approached so much!”