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De Bruyne issues a bold title threat to his rivals

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During the day of his contract extension, Kevin De Bruyne issued a bold title threat to his rivals in all European competitions. 

We all saw how Kevin De Bruyne signed his contract extension with Manchester City earlier today, he stays until the summer of 2021. This means that the final top years of the Belgian star will take place as a Citizen. Apart from his obvious excitement for extending his agreement with the Sky Blue team, De Bruyne also spoke some truths to his side’s present. He is convinced Manchester City has what it takes to win all trophies this season.

We saw a glimpse of what they can do yesterday against Borussia Dortmund. De Bruyne was instrumental in his side’s result with a crucial first goal against the German side. But winning all the trophies will require all the players to be at the top of their game. Fortunately, this season does seem like they are fortunate enough to find that ideal sweet spot against the toughest opponents. Winning against Borussia Dortmund next week will pin them against Bayern Munich or PSG. 

Does Manchester City have the highest level? 

While Bayern Munich and PSG play at an incredibly competitive level, it’s time to saw whether we think Manchester City is at the same level. Last year’s finalists are today’s golden standard of what all the other clubs can aspire. But the Citizens need to get through that threshold in order to find themselves in this competition. If they manage to get past this side of the bracket into the final, Guardiola’s boys actually have a chance to win the title.

If we are real about all this, someone please tell De Bruyne that his manager would give up all the other titles for a crack at winning the UEFA Champions League. We are talking about the only titles he still hasn’t won during his time in England. Yes, they do have a chance to win it all this season. But make no mistake, they crave one title above the rest.