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De Bruyne already knows who’s the best player in the world

Kevin De Bruyne - Manchester City
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Amid all the debate surrounding this topic, Kevin De Bruyne decided to make his pick for the best player in the world at the moment. 

The best player in the world debate has been settled by none other than Kevin De Bruyne, who just picked his favorite player in public. If you ask the majority of pundits or analysts in football, there are five specific names that are widely mentioned. The overwhelming favorite is Lionel Messi. Followed by Robert Lewandowski, Jorginho, Karim Benzema, and N’Golo Kante. All in that order. But for De Bruyne, only one player has remained consistent over the last couple of years and he was robbed of the previous Ballon d’Or in 2020.

He is talking about none other than Robert Lewandowski. The thing is that when you look at his numbers and collective achievements, there is no doubt he has been the best. But we all fear Leo Messi will get his seventh Ballon d’Or because of his achievement with the Argentina National Team. Until this summer, Leo hadn’t won a single trophy with his country. Whereas Robert Lewandowski only got to win the Bundesliga. Regardless of his year, there is a major argument that could give him the award over Messi. 

Lewandowski broke historic records this year. 

Back when Leo Messi won the 2012 Ballon d’Or, he broke a historic record that was previously held by Gerd Muller. The legendary German striker scored an impressive 75 goals in all competitions throughout an entire natural year. Messi didn’t win a single title that year, but breaking Muller’s record by scoring 91 goals did the job. In 2021, Robert Lewandowski also broke Muller’s 40-goal Bundesliga record. De Bruyne explained to Marca why he picks Robert.

He also spoke about Man City’s struggle to win the Champions League: “If I have to choose, I’m looking at the two-year period because we didn’t have one last year, I’d choose Lewandowski. For what he has done the last two years goalscoring-wise, he’d be my pick. What we’ve done in England people expect us to win the CL and we want to. We always try to compete. In the last six years we’ve been in the last 16 or the QF or better. We’re always competing, we’re trying to win it. Hopefully in my period here we can get one. It doesn’t define your legacy, maybe for people outside. I’m happy with what we’ve done as a club for the last six years.”