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Dani Carvajal makes a vow after his latest injury setback

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After knowing about his injury setback, Dani Carvajal finally broke his silence to make a vow on the return date. He will be out for two months. 

Dani Carvajal has bad luck with injuries at Real Madrid this season, he just suffered a fresh one on Sunday. After coming back from another injury problem, he got more bad news after only lasting 25 minutes on the pitch. In the injury report after the match, the doctors believe he will be out with another muscular issue for at least two months. This has been another major setback for Carvajal, but the player doesn’t lose faith.

In a social media message, he wanted to remind the supporters he will never give up despite the situation. Daniel Carvajal has already missed 12 matches of the 2020/21 season due to injuries thus far. In previous years, he suffered other problems but no campaign has been as tough to endure as this one. Dani adds himself to an already long list of players Zidane isn’t able to use at this stage of the season. 

Carvajal makes a vow to return stronger. 

In a recent social media post on all his platforms, Carvajal addressed his injury setback and described what he went through last Sunday. He wrote the following statement: “I told some of my teammates that on Saturday night I had butterflies in my stomach and that I was anxious to come back to do what I’m passionate about.

“I had worked really hard over the past few weeks… Now, it’s time to deal with this latest setback and to start a new countdown to be able to return and have these special feelings. I just want to communicate one message: I will come back better and stronger than ever. Thank you for all the messages of support.”

Carvajal is yet another key player Real Madrid lose for the most important part of the season in which they will face Atalanta in the Champions League.