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Dani Alves reacts as Lionel Messi targets his trophy record

Lionel Messi, Dani Alves
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As Lionel Messi aims to surpass his former Barcelona teammate’s record haul, Dani Alves has left the door wide open for him to do so.

Dani Alves has told Lionel Messi that ‘you can surpass me whenever you want’ regarding his record trophy haul.

The veteran full-back rolled back the years during the Tokyo Olympic Games by leading Brazil to a gold medal for the 43rd trophy of his career – the most of any player in football history.

Messi was quick to congratulate Alves during his farewell press conference at Barcelona on Sunday and expressed his wish to win more titles like the 38-year-old.

He said: “I want to finish my last years competing for titles. I want to take this moment to congratulate Dani Alves, because he won the gold medal yesterday. I am very close to him. That is my mentality.”

What did Alves have to say?

In response to Messi’s comments, Alves posted on Instagram: “The greatest of all time, you can surpass me whenever you want. It will be one more assist for you.

“After my girlfriend, [you are] my best partner. Thank you for everything you gave us, thank you for sharing so much, and thank you for letting me be a part of your story.

“What an honor to be able to closely accompany your evolution and thanks to Sylvinho for connecting us.

“Don Leo Messi, continue making history wherever you want to go. There will always be a crazy [guy] at your service for all moments, especially the less good ones!”