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Chelsea warned of Sergio Aguero transfer problem

Sergio Aguero, Chelsea
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As the Sergio Aguero transfer saga heats up, Glenn Hoddle explains why Chelsea could sign him and the problem they’ll face.

Glenn Hoddle ‘can see Chelsea having’ Sergio Aguero next season, but he’s worried the striker’s aging body won’t be able to handle the Premier League’s intensity much longer.

Aguero will pull the curtain on a glorious 10-year spell with Manchester City once his contract expires at the end of the season.

With the 32-year-old available as a free agent, several clubs are reportedly interested. A Barcelona move, for one, could be on the cards given his friendship with Lionel Messi.

Reports have also linked Everton, Leeds United, Tottenham, and Inter Milan with Aguero.

“I can see Chelsea having him,” said Hoddle on Aguero’s future on ‘The Glenn Hoddle Footy Show’ podcast.

“The only problem is if you’re going to take him and try to get over 30 games out of him, I’m not so sure his body is going to allow that in the Premier League.

“If he went to France or maybe goes back to Spain, he possibly could play a lot more games. The intensity isn’t there.

“Look at La Liga, for instance. That league at the moment isn’t at its strongest.

“I just think he could stay in the Premier League. Whether he does is another thing. Whether he sees himself in another English team’s shirt, I don’t know. Maybe the family wants to go back to Spain? Who knows?”

If Chelsea were take a chance on Aguero, nobody would blame them.

The Argentine is a proven performer with 182 goals and 54 assists in 273 Premier League games for Manchester City over the last decade.

The Citizens have even confirmed plans to build a statue of Aguero outside the Etihad Stadium, and Hoddle is convinced he’ll join Alan Shearer and Thierry Henry in the Hall of Fame one day.

“Without a doubt,” the former Chelsea player/manager said on Aguero joining the Premier League’s Hall of Fame.

“A player to come to this country and do what he’s done. To score 20+ goals for five consecutive seasons is quite outstanding.

“It amazes me that a lot of the times he doesn’t get player of the year. There’s a lot of fantastic players in the Premier League and there have been over the years, but I would’ve thought he’d be in one year.

“That does baffle me.”

Hoddle added: “I think he will be in there [Hall of Fame] one year and justifiably so, he’s been a wonderful striker.

“Whether he’s finished in the Premier League is intriguing.”