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Chelsea star tests positive for Covid, he will miss Juventus match

Thomas Tuchel - Chelsea
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Ahead of the upcoming match against Juventus, Chelsea confirmed one of their biggest stars just tested positive for Covid-19 and will isolate. 

Chelsea just got shrouded in controversy after one of their biggest stars tested positive for Covid-19 and will miss the Juventus match. Ahead of Wednesday’s game, manager Thomas Tuchel confirmed N’Golo Kante tested positive but that’s not what caused a stir amongst members of the press. When asked about Kante’s vaccination status, the German manager completely refused to confirm whether the French midfielder has taken the jab or not. He opted to talk about civil liberties instead of directly answering the question.

This comes at a delicate time in the midst of a global pandemic that has taken the lives of nearly 4 million people all around the world. The facts are that people with the vaccine are way less likely to get gravely ill from Covid than the ones who decide not to take it. With all this information widely available in England, Chelsea and Tuchel still choose to allow players to not take the vaccine if they don’t want to do so. 

Tuchel’s controversial statements after announcing Kante. 

As per Chelsea’s website, this is what Tuchel said: ​​”I don’t know the percentage actually. We are only a reflection of society and the players are adults and have a free choice if they want to get vaccinated or not. We should accept it. This is more or less everything I can say. I know the situation is far from over and every time someone gets it here or from our group it makes you very aware it’s not over. I hope it gets as small as possible but I clearly don’t have the solution to this.

“It would be easy to say yes [players should get vaccinated] and get the applause for lots of people but do I have the right to say it? I’m not so sure. I can make the decision for myself… Vaccination seems to be a proper protection, I am vaccinated, but I don’t really see myself in the proper position to speak out with recommendations. That would go too far. I’m a football coach, I’m not 100 percent expert in this. Everyone is adult enough, we live in a free society. People can take their choices. We are not angry at N’Golo. I’m concerned about him, I’m worried about him like I am my injured players who take a kick in the game.”