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Cavani’s controversial views on VAR and the Super League

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During a recent interview in Uruguay, Edinson Cavani shared his controversial views on VAR and the European Super League.

Even though they aren’t politically correct, Edinson Cavani’s views on VAR and the European Super League are similar to most people’s. As one of the world’s most prolific strikers of the last 20 years, Cavani has a love/hate relationship with VAR. Every single time he scores a goal that could come from an offside, Cavani and all strikers feel threatened by the video assistant referee.

Football players in general have an all-out war against this system that leave many doubts since its creation. It was obvious they wouldn’t feel comfortable with this type of change but FIFA is convinced this is the way to move forward with technology. However, there are still many mistakes taking place with the referees depending on the league. Cavani spoke about his frustrations with VAR and also about the possibility to play the European Super League. Obviously, the Man United striker doesn’t like the idea of this new tournament. 

Cavani is against VAR and the Super League.

This is what Cavani said on ‘Dos de Punta’ TV show: “When the Super League came around I told myself: ‘That can’t be possible – if it happens, what can we expect next?’ I don’t share its ideas at all. I am not in agreement with it. You mustn’t deprive more modest teams the chance of playing in the Champions League. Or stop average clubs from dreaming of competing with the bigger ones, and having a place among the elite. You can’t deny fans of these clubs the chance to have this experience. VAR takes away the charm and the essence of football. You don’t know why a referee awards a penalty against you or rules you offside – or even how it works. It is difficult. You score a goal and then have to wait two minutes before you can celebrate.

“Or, even worse, you celebrate then they tell you it has been ruled out because your fingernail or your hair was in an offside position. Or else because one of your teammates committed a minor foul that nobody noticed – 14 passes before you put the ball in the net. “Us players don’t count when things like this are brought in. It’s a case of ‘Play and keep your mouth shut – you earn lots of money.’ Football is becoming a slog for us, even if there is some passion as well. You need to keep a cool head to put up with this routine for a long time.”