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Cavani hopes to leave something behind at Man United

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Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani wants to leave something behind for young players coming through the Premier League club.

It remains to be seen whether Cavani would remain at United beyond the summer. However, the Uruguayan already has one mission to accomplish at the club.

Cavani, who signed for the Red Devils in 2020, has impressed this season with reports suggesting manager Ole Gunnar Solskjaer is trying to get the star to remain at the club for another year.

However, there are rumours he could be moving to Boca Juniors, among other clubs.

Whether or not Cavani remains at United, he hopes his work at the side has left a legacy for other players.

The Uruguayan told Inside United magazine : “Honestly speaking, I don’t really like to just give out advice. I’m just here to do my absolute best and to support this team and to leave everything I have out on the field, whether that’s in a game or a training session.

“Then, if a young player comes up and asks me something or they see me do things during a training session that they’d like to incorporate into their game, then that’s great. I believe that there are lessons all around you, not just from players in your own position.

“You can always take the best bits from someone else and see if they work for you in your own game.

“If they want to take something I say or do on board and take it as an example to use in their future development, then I’d be very happy, because it’s important to leave something positive behind.”