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Cavani explains meaning of his iconic goal celebration

Edinson Cavani - Man United
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The Uruguayan often gets down on one knee and imitates the act of shooting an arrow from a bow after finding the back of the net.

Manchester United forward Edinson Cavani has explained the meaning behind his iconic bow and arrow goal celebration.

Cavani’s signing by Manchester United last summer raised a few eyebrows but the veteran striker has proved himself to be a valuable addition to Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad.

He scored 17 times in 39 games in his debut season at Old Trafford, with many of his goals being decisive and coming in crucial moments.

The former Paris Saint-Germain man has celebrated some his recent goals by kneeling down and firing an imaginary arrow into the air.

“I’ve changed my celebration a few times now and again. But this latest one comes from when you start growing up and begin to learn and gain knowledge about things that date back from a long time ago,” Cavani told the club’s website.

“It kind of comes from our population, our native Uruguayans. Because I think and feel that down through the various generations of my family, I have roots from back in those times.

“I got the idea of being able to do the celebration where I take out the arrow and fire it. So that’s a bit of the history behind it, which in turn explains the thinking behind my daughter’s name, India.

“It’s all connected! There, I’ve explained it all a bit for you!”