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Carragher reveals whether Pulisic will reach Hazard’s level

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After Christian Pulisic’s performance against Real Madrid, Jamie Carragher revealed whether he can ever reach Eden Hazard’s level. 


For Jamie Carragher, the comparisons between Christian Pulisic and Eden Hazard are getting a little out of proportion. The North American footballer just had a good performance against Real Madrid where he even scored a goal. Joe Cole was thrilled with the star’s show but Jamie Carragher is not that impressed. In fact, he was surprised by all the online comparisons with Eden Hazard.

The Belgian star is arguably in the Top 5 of the best Chelsea players in history and he also made a massive impact in the Premier League. So, Carragher feels bewildered by the idea that people think Pulisic is on the same level. For starters, the United States international just started shining at Chelsea and he has a long way to go. Whereas Hazard is a true legend in English football. Comparisons this early in Pulisic’s Chelsea career are simply unfair. 

For Jamie, there’s still no comparison. 

This is what Carragher said about Pulisic after Cole praised him: “I’m a big fan but I don’t think he’ll get to the level of Eden Hazard, apologies, he won’t,” Carragher told CBS Sports. “Eden Hazard was the best player in the Premier League for four years and Belgium finished third in the World Cup [in 2018], he was the best player in the tournament – that is the level we are talking about with Hazard.


“This is not me knocking Pulisic, it might look that on social media after the show from certain people. But I think we forget how good Hazard was. He was my favorite player in the Premier League and for Pulisic to get there and to light up a major tournament for the US will be difficult. Yes, I think he can have a brilliant career and he has a lot of potential but I don’t see him getting to that level.”