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Carragher rates Man United’s chances of winning Premier League title

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The Liverpool legend is not worried about United’s strong start under Erik ten Hag.

Jamie Carragher has given his verdict on Manchester United’s chances of winning the Premier League title next season.

The Red Devils have shown clear signs of improvement in their pre-season friendlies under Erik ten Hag. Victories over Liverpool, Melbourne Victory, and Crystal Palace have provided United fans with a positive prospect ahead of the next season.

However, Carragher believes United are still far off from competing for the league title.

Asked whether he is nervous that Man United might rival Liverpool in the title race, he responded: “I wouldn’t say [I’m] nervous. 

“I think there’s a long road for United that they’re on at the moment in terms of challenging for the title.

“I think the first thing when it comes to Ten Hag and the players they’re bringing in will be, ‘we need to get this club back in the Champions League, where it belongs’. That’s where Manchester United should be.

“They’re one of the biggest clubs in the world, never mind this country. So to not be in the Champions League just doesn’t feel right, not when United are in the Europa League.

“So I think that’s the first thing. And I think once United do that, then it’ll be looking at the title in the next couple of years.

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“But it won’t be easy to get back in the top four this season. Not just for United but for any team who are normally in the top four.

“You’d expect [Manchester] City and Liverpool to do it because they’re always going for the title, but you look at how strong Chelsea will be and the signings they’re bringing in, Tottenham’s work as well, Arsenal also.

“So I think competitively now in terms of getting in the top four, it’s really tough. It’s proven that way for a lot of Manchester United managers with great CVs in the past.

“But there’s no doubt this manager has a really good CV and they made a really good start in pre-season.”

Man United will meet Aston Villa in their next pre-season friendly on Saturday.