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Carragher makes a surprising transfer claim about Mo Salah

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During a recent intervention on the Robbie Fowler Podcast, Jamie Carragher made a surprising transfer claim about Mohamed Salah. 

It appears Jamie Carragher just joined the club of Mo Salah’s naysayers after his latest statement about the Egyptian genius. Ever since he arrived at Liverpool from AS Roma, Salah has only scored goals non-stop to become a world-beater. In many aspects, he is the one player who has remained consistent throughout the years but he keeps getting overlooked.

Even though he is delivering numbers that can only be compared to Messi and Ronaldo, Salah doesn’t get the recognition he deserves. Jamie Carragher is the latest in a long line of critics who decided to turn against Salah despite his evident results on the pitch. To the former Reds’ skipper, the African star isn’t prime-time enough to get a massive offer from any club outside of England. He believes Salah will end his career as a Liverpool player until he has no more to offer. 

Carragher compares his situation to Harry Kane. 

During an episode of the Robbie Fowler Podcast, this is what Carragher said about Salah: “I think he’ll be there (at Liverpool) for the next few years. I think he’s in a similar position to Harry Kane,” said Carragher. “They’re possibly the two best goalscorers in the Premier League right now. They’re at an age where no-one is going to pay big money for them. I think they’ve probably missed the boat if they ever did want to go; whether that is to a Real Madrid or a Barcelona. Whether it’s Harry Kane going to Man Utd or Man City. For both of those players, I think you’re talking £120m plus, maybe more, and I just don’t think anyone will spend that much on players of that age now.

“I think they’d look more at paying £200m for Mbappe because of the longevity. It’s maybe the same for Haaland as well, they’d get so much more out of those two. I think both of those players have missed the boat basically. Also the situation with Covid and finances; the two Spanish giants have got no more. Liverpool wouldn’t let Salah go to anyone else in this country. And would you want to play for PSG instead of Liverpool? I would be very surprised if he did in the French league. I think Salah is here to stay.”