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Carragher: Liverpool won’t find a better midfielder than Alexander-Arnold

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The England international’s form significantly improved after Jurgen Klopp moved him to Liverpool’s midfield. 

Jamie Carragher has urged Liverpool to build their midfield line for the new season around Trent Alexander-Arnold.

The English star came under fire for his poor defensive displays last season. Alexander-Arnold was even set to lose his spot in Liverpool’s starting XI. But the Reds’ injury crisis forced Jurgen Klopp to use him in midfield.

Surprisingly, the England international made a host of impressive performances in the Reds’ midfield line toward the end of the campaign.

Following the departures of James Milner, Naby Keita and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Liverpool are in the market to rebuild their midfield line.

But Carragher believes the Reds won’t find a better solution than keeping Alexander-Arnold in their midfield.

“I think his body language when he’s in midfield, compared to when he’s just playing in defence, is completely different,” Carragher told Redman TV (via Mirror).

“Feels like I’m watching a different player. Some of the passes he plays, no matter who we buy, if we bought Bellingham, how much more could he do that TAA does in midfield.

“When Liverpool are on the ball, whoever you buy, whatever you spend, they can’t do more than Trent. I think another season id be of the mind, let’s buy a right-back and put him in midfield, because this kid is too good to not be the centre of this team.

“It is getting to the stage when it’ll become his team, he’ll end up being captain. Take away the stuff he gets criticised for, which at times it is not great. He can improve on stuff, although he’ll never be amazing at it, so let’s focus on what he is amazing at.”