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Bruno talks about his favorite Premier League players

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In an interview with his club’s website, Bruno Fernanes discussed all the top Premier League players of the current season. 

Bruno Fernandes is arguably amongst the top Premier League players of the season, he’s certainly the best at Manchester United. But Bruno loves watching other talented players perform at the highest level even if they don’t play beside him. In an interesting interview about the current season’s best player, Bruno opened up about his favorites. After mentioning the usual suspects of the season, he began to talk about the ones he thinks are the very best.

Bruno breezed past Kevin de Bruyne, Harry Kane, Mohamed Salah, Jesse Lingard, and Ilkay Gundogan. However, he thinks there are four specific players who stood above the rest due to their influence in the game. These players are Mason Mount, Jack Grealish, Patrick Bamford, and his compatriot Ruben Dias. In fact, Bruno really likes what Dias has done so far. 

Bruno’s favorites of the season. 

In the interview for Man United’s website, this is what Bruno said: “As I’ve said, we have many players I can say now and it’s difficult to choose just one. For example, Ruben Dias has come from Benfica and been consistent since he arrived [at Manchester City]. In our team, we also have players who have been consistent for all the season and I can’t remember more players at the moment. For example, I really like Mason Mount – he’s been consistent from the beginning of the season.

“But if people will watch numbers he’s not had so many goals as other players or assists as other players but, for me, as a performance he’s been really, really top. Jack Grealish, before his injuries, was being really, really good. I think Bamford from Leeds is also scoring a lot of goals, 14 I think this season already [now 15 in the Premier League], which is really good. I think it’s difficult to choose one. I will be here for a lot of time doing names, names, names. It’s better I stop or I will forget players and I don’t want to do that.”