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Bruno explains the reason Ronaldo is always hungry for more

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After his latest hat-trick for Portugal, Ronaldo got praised by Bruno Fernandes in detail about his hunger to keep collecting records and titles. 

Yesterday, Bruno Fernandes had first row tickets to watch yet another Cristiano Ronaldo show against Luxembourg. With the hat-trick he scored, that makes it 8 goals scored against this national team. However, his three goals made him elevate the number of goals he scored for Portugal all the way to 115. No other player in football history has scored more than Ronaldo and probably nobody ever will. What the Manchester United star is doing is simply incredible.

Any type of criticism against him for scoring too many penalties are not even valid for Bruno Fernandes. In his view, Ronaldo deserves every single praise he gets for getting to stats that massive. When asked about all the criticism he gets, Bruno obviously comes out to defend his captain and good friend. He knows that Portugal wouldn’t be where they are right now if it wasn’t for everything Ronaldo has done over the years. 

Bruno doesn’t care about the Ronaldo critics. 

Here’s what Bruno said according to The Mirror: “It’s the same. Ronaldo is hungry to break more. He once said something very interesting. He said it’s not he who follows the records, it’s the records that follow him. And I’m starting to think it’s true. Because his ability to score goals is impressive, his ability to be in the right place is impressive. Say what you want. Easy goals, not easy goals.

“There are no easy goals. You have to be there, you have to feel it, you have to have the feeling of the goal. He’s in the right place and scores it. Even being in the right place, it’s hard to score. There are those who fail, he doesn’t fail. [It’s] not good enough, of course. We should have more points, we could have more points. It’s what we have. We have to look forward now to what we can do from now until the end of the season. We still have a lot of games to do it, we haven’t lost anything and we have to carry on fighting for everything.”