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BREAKING: Ronaldo celebrates a new individual accolade

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Before Juventus’ match against Lazio, Cristiano Ronaldo was recognized with a new individual accolade. He also starts from the bench. 

Cristiano Ronaldo keeps racking up trophies as a Juventus player this season. The month of February was absolutely crucial for the Portuguese player to stand alone in the goal-scoring table. He was directly responsible for 75% of the goals scored by the Bianconeri throughout this month. The club decided to award him with the Player of the Month trophy they deliver every single season.

Right before tonight’s match against Lazio at Allianz Stadium, Cristiano received the award and posed for pictures with a grin on his face. But he didn’t look as happy for a very specific reason. Cristiano Ronaldo isn’t going through the best moment after the decision Andrea Pirlo made right before this crucial match against Lazio. 

Ronaldo starts from the bench. 

The reason Cristiano Ronaldo wasn’t happy while receiving the award is very simple. Andrea Pirlo decided to leave him on the bench for today’s match regardless of the importance. Cristiano will have to sit back and rely on his teammates in order to get a victory tonight. The initial plan is to give Cristiano as much time to rest as possible due to his recent activity.

He just posted an image during the midweek activity of recovery after his latest performance. It appears Ronaldo’s muscles are starting to get a little tense and they need to rest. After all, Juventus need their star for the final stretch of the season. This doesn’t mean Pirlo won’t use the legend during the second half if things get too complicated for Juve.