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BREAKING: Real Madrid forward might be going to prison

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According to new information, one of Real Madrid’s forwards could be going to prison for violating health protocols in his country. 

One of Real Madrid’s forwards is not having the best start of the season, he could even go to prison for six months. We are talking about Serbian striker, Luka Jovic. Upon his return to his home country, Tanjug news agency reported that the striker violated health restrictions.

The rules are heavily reinforced in Serbia and the punishment tends to be quite severe. After reviewing his case, the Serbian prosecutors are demanding a 6-month prison sentence for Jovic if he steps foot in his country again.

This is just another one of the many problems the striker is facing during one of the most complicated stages of his career. As one of Zinedine Zidane’s transfer demands, he is arguably the player who let the French manager down by abusing his trust. 

Jovic could’ve avoided the sentence.

As it turns out, Luka Jovic had the opportunity to avoid this prison sentence if he had paid the fine for violating Serbian law. All he needed to do was pay €30k and get rid of this problem, but he missed the opportunity to avoid this major problem.

This violation of the rules happened back in the month of March as the global pandemic was barely starting. Although a verdict hasn’t been reached until today, this certainly stains a player who currently represents one of the biggest football clubs in the world.

There still hasn’t been a reaction from Real Madrid about the situation. We will keep you posted on anything they communicate to the press and their action plan to confront this new issue.