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BREAKING: Pochettino offers PSG’s starting line-up vs Brugge

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As we all expected, Mauricio Pochettino finally offered PSG’s starting line-up against Brugge in the UEFA Champions League opener. 

Ever since Mauricio Pochettino realized he could possibly train Neymar, Messi, and Mbappe together at PSG. He immediately started dreaming of the day he could line them all up together. It’s been a long process since Leo started training alongside the rest of his teammates at the French squad. He made his debut with Kylian Mbappe only getting a chance to play alongside him due to Neymar’s injury. After that, Leo had to travel to represent Argentina in the World Cup Qualifiers and needed some rest.

But today is finally the day for him to make this dream come true. It’s been four years since Messi plays an official match alongside Neymar and the Champions League is the perfect scenario for them to run it back. Mauricio Pochettino finally gave the world a line-up that will make the entire world’s mouths water for the possibilities. Having all these players in the same squad makes PSG the automatic title contender for every tournament they play this season. However, the UEFA Champions League is arguably the one that they absolutely have to win. 

Mbappe gets into the mix against Brugge. 

But this trio nearly didn’t happen due to everything that took place in the summer transfer window. There was a brief moment in which Real Madrid came close to signing Mbappe after making three different offers to buy the player. The first offer was exactly €160 million. After that, PSG didn’t respond to subsequent offers of €180 and €200 million. It was clear that nobody at PSG wanted to forbid us from enjoying this potentially deadly trio.

Today, we finally get to watch them all play from the start. If they manage to play well in Belgium as visitors, we might get to experience a truly special event in football history this season. Getting to connect three of the best players in the world on the same squad is definitely Mauricio Pochettino’s biggest challenge. PSG is lining up Argentina, France, and Brazil’s number ‘10’ players on the same starting line-up. Simply saying that sounds absolutely wild. The day of reckoning if finally upon us.