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BREAKING: Leo Messi is set to miss today’s match against Metz

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After careful consideration, it turns out Leo Messi will miss Wednesday’s match against Metz in Ligue 1. Find out what made him not play for PSG. 


We all fell for it last Sunday when PSG faced Olympique Lyon and Leo Messi got off the pitch with a confused face. The entire world believed he had a major disagreement with the manager but the truth is far more complex than that. In reality, Leo Messi had been suffering some knee pain that forced Mauricio Pochettino’s hand. Although Messi always wants to play despite feeling pain, the Argentine manager was quick.

He immediately decided to take Leo off the pitch and probably saved the rest of the season for him. In the later tests, it seems Messi picked up a knee issue that will prevent him from playing on Wednesday against Metz. Contrary to the initial belief, the club themselves confirmed Leo Messi’s physical issue that will prevent him from making the trip to face Metz tomorrow. This isn’t great news for the player, who has struggled to find his footing upon arrival to the French capital. 

PSG confirms the injury through their website.

Mauricio Pochettino confirmed Leo’s issue during the press conference ahead of the game: “To explain what happened during the game, we were watching the players and we saw Leo was worried about his knee. After a shot, we saw he was touching his knee. When we saw that, we took a decision. We were happy with his performance. I’m happy with his commitment and his performance. He didn’t score, but he was very good.


“The priority is always the players’ well-being and we thought the best decision for him was to take him off. Of course, every great champion wants to be on the pitch all the time.” But the club confirmed his absence in a public statement through their website: “Lionel Messi, who took a knock to his left knee against Lyon, underwent an MRI on Tuesday morning which confirmed signs of bruising of the bone. A follow-up examination will be carried out in 48 hours.”