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BREAKING: Griezmann and Dembele are accuse of racism

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A troubling video has emerged of Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele allegedly being racist towards Asian people. 

FC Barcelona might have a perfect excuse to get rid of both Antoine Griezmann and Ousmane Dembele. Both players just made things easy for the Catalan club in their attempts to sell both players to the highest bidder. In a troubling video released online, we can see Antoine mocking two Asian staff members who were trying to fix their television. After this video surfaced and the racism accusations were made, both players issued statements. They attempted to make excuses by saying they always express themselves in this manner but it was too late.

Antoine Griezmann has been dropped by Konami as one of the promoters for the Pro Evolution Soccer videogame. They issued the following statement: “Konami Digital Entertainment believes, as is the philosophy of sports, that discrimination of any kind is unacceptable,” a statement from the company said. “Previously we had announced Antoine Griezmann as our Yu-Gi-Oh! contents ambassador, however in light of recent events we have decided to cancel the contract.”

Rakuten is also angry towards both players. 

But FC Barcelona can find a way to drop both players after Rakuten’s reaction to this scandal. They are one of the club’s biggest sponsors and pay FC Barcelona up to €30 million every season. Although Griezmann already spoke to the club’s CEO about the issue, they already wrote the following reaction on their official Twitter account: “As a club sponsor and tour organizer, I am very sorry that the FCB players made discriminatory remarks,” he posted.

“Since Rakuten has endorsed Barca’s philosophy and sponsored the club, such statements are unacceptable under any circumstances and we will formally protest the club and seek their views.” This is the perfect time for the Catalan club to finally find that salary space they wanted in order to get Leo Messi to stay. It appears both French players’ days at the club are numbered after this.