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Brazilian legend also can’t wait for the Qatar World Cup

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As many stars begging hyping up the Qatar World Cup, one of Brazil’s biggest legends revealed how thrilled he is to enjoy the 2022 tournament. 

The Qatar World Cup has one of Brazil’s legends pretty excited for the tournament, only he doesn’t have political interests like others do. In fact, this one can happily say he simply wants to know how much of this experience he can enjoy. Qatar did a tremendous construction and planning job throughout the last decade for next year’s event. If you take a look at the blueprint of all the stadiums, several are pretty close together.

This was done thinking about the supporters who will buy more than one ticket per day with the goal of watching more than a game per day. Obviously, Kaka will be rooting for Brazil if they qualify for the tournament. However, he wants to enjoy all the great football squads that will make it to the final stage of this competition. We are getting a unique tournament between the months of November and December for the first time ever. 

Kaka is thrilled for attending the World Cup. 

During a recent interview, Kaka spoke about the new opportunities supporters will have in this World Cup. “It will be unique this World Cup because all the stadiums are very close, so everybody will be almost in the same location,” he said through Goal. “That will be amazing because we will be able to watch two, maybe three, games in the same day in different stadiums with different atmospheres and different supporters.

“It will be really nice and I’m looking forward to it. The experience was really nice because we’ve all been through a very, very tough period. To be able to come back to the stadiums and watch a tournament like this – even if it is just with a limited capacity in attendance – is a sign of hope that we are almost finished after this dark period.”