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Benzema takes further action on Vinicius Jr in training

Benzema, Vinicius Jr
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Just days ago, it appeared Karim Benzema couldn’t hide his frustration at teammate Vinicius Jr. There might be more on that event.

According to a report, Karim Benzema has apologized to Vinicius after he was totally critical of the youngster in their Champions League game.

Real Madrid were trailing by a goal down to Borussia Monchengladbach at the time. They fell 2-0 down but put on a late fightback to snatch a point.

During half time, footage apparently showed Benzema having a meltdown about Vinicius to Ferland Mendy.

He accused the player of playing against them and even told Mendy not to pass to the Brazilian.

He said in a leaked clip: “Don’t play with him. On my mother’s life, he [Vinicius] is playing against us.”

The defender was heard replying: “When he becomes scared, he loses what makes him great.”

Coincidence or not, Mendy only passed the ball to Vinicius three times in the second half.

According to Marca, Benzema was quick to apologize to his team-mate in training this week.

The report reveals that the Frenchman sought out his young companion and made sure to bury the hatchet.

It is further stated that the two are now back on friendly terms.

It might be all in the past now but it’s perhaps an indication of a bad camp for Los Blancos. Just recently, Isco was also caught on camera complaining about Zidane’s refusal to play him more.

Vinicius has always spoken highly of Benzema and even once described him as his idol. It would be a relief to see the experienced frontman make a move to ease on from that incident.