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Bayern star and Flick criticize a narrow escape against Koln

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After a nerve-racking Bundesliga win for the Bavarian giants, Bayern Munich star and manager Hansi Flick gave their opinions.

Bayern Munich attacker Thomas Muller and head coach Hansi Flick expressed their frustration regarding their close win in the Bundesliga on Saturday. The treble-winning champions escaped the clutches of hosts Koln as they beat them by a one-goal margin.

Muller provided the first goal with his spot-kick early in the 13th minute. And Serge Gnabry added his contribution to the scoreboard on the brink of halfway mark. Nevertheless, this goal proved to be the winning goal for Bayern.

Furthermore, Koln put pressure on the Bavarian side with a late goal in the second half. Additionally, the absence of veteran striker Robert Lewandowski made things a little bit difficult. However, Bayern managed to get the three points required.

Pure frustration.

And hence, Muller and Flick could not agree that it was their best form in the new season.

“It was a labored victory, especially because we, unfortunately, missed the chance to score the third goal at the beginning of the second half,” Muller said. “Then anything could have happened until the final whistle. It wasn’t a glitzy or glamorous performance. We’ll take it as it is.

“We certainly too often lost the ball carelessly and acted a bit too casually during the game. Cologne lay deep a lot. They did that well.

“Nevertheless, we could have been a bit more clinical in a couple of situations and got a goal more. The passion was there to take the victory with us. I’m not criticizing ourselves, but we’ve definitely been better.”

Flick added: “It was a deserved win in the end, but we made life difficult for ourselves. The game cost us too much energy. I’m happy with the result, not so much with the game.

“I’m satisfied with the attitude, mentality, and the will to win. We made life difficult for ourselves with mistakes in the passing game.

“The team could have made the win easier. We let Cologne get back into the game.”