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Bayern Munich: Tuchel backs Kimmich amid set-piece criticism

Kimmich at Bayern
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The Bayern midfielder has come under fire for his poor performance in set-pieces.

Joshua Kimmich will stay as Bayern Munich’s first-choice corner taker, confirms Thomas Tuchel.

Bayern’s poor season has seen some of their best players come under criticism for their performances.

Joshua Kimmich has remained a cornerstone of Bayern’s midfield line under Tuchel. However, some observers have criticized his performance in set-pieces, especially after a poor display against RB Leipzig last weekend.

“The stats say otherwise than the feeling of many,” Tuchel said when asked about Kimmich’s set-piece record.

“We are deeply working on it, alongside Anthony Barry. Joshua will continue to take the corners as long as he says so, that’s the best choice.”

The 3-1 defeat against Leipzig saw Borussia Dortmund leapfrog Bayern from the league’s top spot. The Bavarians’ ten-year reign in the Bundesliga is on the verge of ending. But Tuchel says his side should stay focused throughout their match against Koln.

“For me there is only one kick-off whistle and one final whistle,” Tuchel added. “When we play, we always play all in. We need complete focus on our game. We need our full quality from the first minute. We have to stick to the plan.”