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Bayern Munich stars receive death threats

Bayern Munich, Atletico Madrid
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Several Bayern Munich stars were pressurized in an anonymous letter received by second-tier Bundesliga club St. Pauli back in January.

Bayern Munich stars Robert Lewandowski, Manuel Neuer, and Serge Gnabry were part of death threats received through a letter, that is being investigated by the police at the moment.

FC St. Pauli, a 2.Bundesliga club, submitted a letter acquired from an unknown source on January 12 to police in Hamburg.

As mentioned by BILD, the mail denoted words such as: “Save the league, save football, fire and death to the dirty Bavarian pigs.”

Also, according to the information provided by the German media outlet, these words were directed towards Bayern stars Lewandowski, Neuer, and Gnabry.

Florian Abbenseth of Hamburg police told BILD: “We are investigating on suspicion of a threat. And disruption of public peace through the threat of criminal offences. We are examining the background.”

As it stands, the letter is currently being examined by the State Criminal Police Office for fingerprints and DNA residues.

In addition to the players, death threats were also hurled at Bundesliga referees, claims the German Football Association (DFB).