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Bayern Munich star makes a surprising Ballon d’Or confession

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During a recent interview, one of Bayern Munich’s stars made a surprising Ballon d’Or confession that took everybody by surprise. 

Bayern Munich has very few players who were worthy of a Ballon d’Or nomination in recent years. The most obvious snub was last year’s edition, which got canceled and prevented Robert Lewandowski from winning the award. In other years, Franck Ribery and Manuel Neuer have been nominated next to Messi and Ronaldo. But there’s a young Bayern star who is aiming to win the prize in the future.

We are talking about Alphonso Davies, who plays as a full-back but has the biggest aspirations. If he wants to become a Ballon d’Or winner, he needs to reinvent himself as Gareth Bale once did. The Canadian player does have the quality to play as a winger instead of a defensive position. However, his manager has the final word about his place in the starting eleven. Meanwhile, all Davies can do it try to speak his wishes into existence. 

Davies makes a bold prediction for the future. 

While talking on an interview with TZ, Davies said the following about his Ballon d’Or predictions for the future: “(Erling) Haaland will definitely be involved, I could also imagine Jadon Sancho. And I would like to be there too, why not? There is always candidates from Bayern. I just have to go on, show the hunger every day that took us to five titles as a team last year. In the game that means fight for every ball! And in everyday training, get even better!

“For example, if an offensive player comes past me, I take it personally – and I really want it to not happen again. There are a lot of small things, but I tell myself: Nothing should stop me on my way to the 2021 FIFA Team of the Year. If you’ve been there, you want to do it again. If I could be captain of Bayern in the distant future, it would be just incredible. I still have to learn a lot, in terms of absolutely top-level sport and improving my communication on the field. I’ve learned a lot, but to become a real leader, it takes a lot. I’m working on that.”