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Bayern Munich opens up about signing Cristiano Ronaldo

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As we enter the final week of the summer transfer window, Bayern Munich opened up about the chances of signing Cristiano Ronaldo. 

If there was a chance of Bayern Munich signing Cristiano Ronaldo, that’s all gone now after Karl-Heinz Rummenigge’s statement. We all know that the Bavarian giants have a frugal policy of not paying their players an obscene wage. They’ve managed to keep their biggest stars through a promise of always putting prestige above money. Robert Lewandowski ultimately decided to stay at the club despite the many offers he had.

Eventually, he became Bayern’s most important player in a historic year when they won their second treble ever. But Bayern draws the line when players like Ronaldo become a possibility. There is no way they would ever agree to pay €35 million per season to any player, regardless of his name. This weekend, we saw the Portuguese player asking Juventus to leave him on the bench while he gets his future sorted out. However, signing Cristiano Ronaldo is a luxury that very few can have in European football. 

Rummenigge explains why Ronaldo is impossible. 

Even though Bayern Munich is one of the most powerful clubs in football history, they would never sign a player as expensive as Cristiano Ronaldo. Also, he would never go down in his wages too much despite the club that shows interest in his transfer. Karl-Heinz Rummenigge spoke to Reif ist live about this possibility after leaving his job at the club. This is what Diario AS picked up from his statements: “Cristiano?

“The biggest problem is who can increase his salary even more? He currently earns €70 million before tax, €35 million after-tax. Who can pay him that much? PSG or perhaps an English club? This isn’t a very healthy way to progress and UEFA has the responsibility to do something. We need precise regulations because the expenses will always go up and an intervention is necessary. Otherwise, football will have to go through a really tough period of time.”