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Bayern Munich: Oliver Kahn slams Neuer for controversial interview

Bayern Munich
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The German goalkeeper is infuriated by the replacement of Bayern’s goalkeeping coach.

Bayern Munich CEO Oliver Kahn has criticized Manuel Neuer for his comments on the sacking of goalkeeping coach Toni Tapalovic.

The German giants parted ways with Tapalovic a few months after Manuel Neuer’s season-ending injury. Reports from German media claimed the club believed Tapalovic was leaking information from the meetings of the coaching team.

In an interview with the Athletic, Neuer questioned the club’s decision.

“That blow hit me extremely hard,” Neuer said. “I was told by the club officials. It came out of nowhere. For Toni too. I didn’t understand that at all. It really knocked me down.”

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He added: “Everyone in our goalkeeper group was torn to pieces. People burst into tears. I think that says it all.

“We goalkeepers are a team within a team, but Toni was popular with the whole squad.”

Neuer’s comments have triggered a response from Kahn, who expected a different response from the Bayern captain.

“What Manuel said in parts of these two interviews in connection with the release of Toni Tapalovic does not do justice to him as captain or to the values of FC Bayern,” he told Deutsche Presse-Agentur.

“Moreover, his statements come at an inopportune time because we are facing very important games.”

According to Bild, the Bundesliga champions are considering punishing Neuer for the interview. Other sources have gone as far as to suggest the saga might end Neuer’s time at Bayern next summer.