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Bayern left-back Davies reacts to talk Shaw is ‘clear’ of him

Alphonso Davies - Bayern Munich, Luke Shaw - Manchester United
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The young Canadian has been one of the best in his position in the world in recent years.

Bayern Munich left-back Alphonso Davies has admitted that his opposite number at Manchester United, Luke Shaw, is “clear” of him.

Shaw has significantly elevated his level in recent times, with the defender emerging into a crucial figure for both club and country.

The 26-year-old was a standout performer not only for Manchester United but in all of Premier League last season, leading the team to Europa League final and a second-place league finish.

He was also key to England making it to the Euro 2020 final earlier this summer, scoring a goal and registering three assists in six games in the tournament.

Davies, meanwhile, has helped Bayern achieve Champions League and Bundesliga glory over the past few seasons.

Speaking on his official TikTok account, the Canada international said: “I just saw one that was like ‘Luke Shaw is clear’. What does that mean?

“Someone explain to me. I never really understood that – clear of what?”

“Ohhh! Ohh, OK, I get it now, it means he’s better,” he said upon being made aware of the meaning of the term ‘clear’. “Yeah, I mean, he is, he’s a really good player!

“Alright, so every time you say like ‘Luke Shaw is clear, Robbo [Liverpool left-back Andy Robertson] is clear, that means he’s better’. OK, makes sense, makes sense.”