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Barcelona is making a terrible mistake in their fight for La Liga

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We need to talk about the terrible mistake FC Barcelona is making in their fight to win the Spanish La Liga this season. 

FC Barcelona is not only making a health-related mistake in their fight to win La Liga this season. There is another error they are not aware they are making. The party organized at Leo Messi’s house is a clear symptom of the massive disconnect that is taking place between footballers and supporters. While the vast majority in Spain are not allowed to get together in gatherings with more than six people. Messi decided to throw a party after defeating Valencia on their trip to Mestalla last Sunday.

While all this was taking place, another title contender was watching everything that happened from the comfort of their homes. FC Barcelona’s biggest mistake is to motivate Atletico Madrid players with details like this one. The Blaugrana are sending a clear message to all Colchoneros: they don’t consider them a threat for next Sunday at Camp Nou Stadium. Diego Simeone loves challenges and motivation like this one. He can finally find the proper excuse for his players to get that motivation back. 

How did Atletico Madrid players react? 

According to reports from La Sexta, all Atletico Madrid players were extremely motivated after they realized Barcelona don’t consider them a threat. We keep forgetting they are the ones who maintained themselves at the top of La Liga. The Colchoneros depend on what they can do in order to win the title. If they win all the games pending on the calendar, they will get to lift the trophy this season. FC Barcelona keeps making the same mistake over and over again.

They find a way to sabotage their own results and finish the season with a major disappointment. Either they start taking things seriously or they will finish another season without winning at least one of the two biggest titles of the season. Leo Messi should know better than to organize a party at the least ideal time during a global pandemic. But more importantly, he should know better than to taunt ‘Cholo’ Simeone.