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Barcelona fan group to boycott Cadiz clash after Frankfurt ‘humiliation’

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A group of Barca supporters announce they will not attend the Catalans’ next game.

Barcelona see one of their leading fan bases boycott their upcoming home game against Cadiz.

Scenes of Eintracht Frankfurt fans occupying most of Camp Nou’s seats outraged many Barca fans. It got worse when the Bundesliga side eliminated the Catalans from the Europa League with a 3-2 win.

Tens of thousands of Eintracht fans cheered for their sides’ remarkable win while Barca fans watched their side’s unexpected defeat in disbelief.

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Club president Joan Laporta said he was ‘ashamed’ by the situation, vowing to investigate the situation. However, his statement was not enough to stop The Grada d’Animacio group from boycotting Barca’s next game.

 “Last Thursday we experienced a day that will be marked forever as the greatest infamy at our home,” the group’s statement said.

It added: “As fans and members of FC Barcelona we have experienced many victories and many defeats on the field of play, but as a fan group, we have experienced a social humiliation that we will never forget.”

The Catalans will return to La Liga action on Monday, facing Cadiz in a home game. Xavi Hernandez’s team are competing in a close top-four race as they sit on level points with Atletico Madrid.