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Azpilicueta denies reports regarding a squabble with a Chelsea teammate

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Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta brushed off false claims regarding a tussle with his teammate behind the scenes.

Chelsea captain Cesar Azpilicueta negated allegations that he had a fight with Antonio Rudiger before Frank Lampard’s departure. There have been rumors that things inside the dressing rooms and on the training field have been unwell.

Moreover, some reports say that the disunity between the Chelsea players might have resulted in the sacking of the manager. Sadly for Chelsea, Lampard was forced to leave after just 18 months with the team. 

Fighting for unity.

Azpilicueta urged that there was no such issue with the team and supported Tammy Abraham’s comments. The Blues striker posted on social media: “Hearing some mad stuff about @ToniRuediger on social media today. Complete nonsense. Toni is a big bro to all of us.” 

The Spanish international talked regarding the false claims at training: “Everything is fine and I can say that didn’t happen. We didn’t have any issues and we don’t have. We always work together. Like other players, we have sometimes our discussions, normal in football. When results are not going well, everybody has more tension around but nothing further than this.

“Normal footballers like normal workers in their offices or with other jobs with pressure who have to deliver and nothing further than this. There is not an issue, we are so committed.”

“We saw that [in the past] and sometimes when a manager leaves, people can blame some players but we are players, we are humans and we always want to do the best for the club, for the manager. That’s our job, that’s our passion and obviously, we are not happy when results are not going well and sometimes, yes, we have seen the reaction from the fans but there is no issue. We are all together working.

“Of course, of course, 100 per cent [do not abuse Rudiger]. You see now social media, lots of abuse, you know we doing campaigns about racism, all of this, and you know it’s sad when you see people abusing. The fans I ask for unity, together, difficult times. We want the best for the team and, hopefully, this negativity we can leave it behind and go together.

“We miss the fans, so we would like to be together fighting in these tough moments as we have always done. And always overcome the difficulties.”