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AS Monaco mocks FC Barcelona after beating PSG in Ligue 1

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It happened right after they defeated PSG in Ligue 1 last weekend, AS Monaco decided to mock FC Barcelona through a cheeky tweet. 

After FC Barcelona’s most recent defeat against PSG, they suddenly became a laughing stock all around the world. From memes of that picture where Mbappe is outrunning Pique, to many more creative ways to mock the Catalan club. FC Barcelona is no longer amongst the most respected football clubs in Europe. Even AS Monaco got in on the action last weekend after beating PSG in Ligue 1 with a 0-2 result at Parc des Princes. They won with goals from Diop and Maripan.

After this victory, the AS Monaco squad has bragging rights as one of the few clubs in the world that defeated PSG both home and away. A victory that comes on the same week where FC Barcelona suffered a 1-4 loss against the club from the capital. Monaco celebrated this victory as if they just won the trophy because PSG has become a giant club in recent years. But we all want to know how AS Monaco mocked FC Barcelona. 

It all happened through a tweet. 

After the game, AS Monaco’s Spanish Twitter account decided to post a cheeky message directed at FC Barcelona. It read: “We defeated PSG at home and away this season. Barcelona, send us a DM if you need some advice,” wrote AS Monaco’s CM. This message hasn’t been received lightly by the Catalan media or FC Barcelona fans. However, the Blaugranas haven’t responded to this evident provocation yet.

It’s clear that the return leg at Parc des Princes will be one of the most difficult games Barcelona has to play this season. There’s a major concern about what could happen with this already major disadvantage. Instead of responding to this latest mockery, Barcelona will do well if they focus on the game itself. Responding on the pitch is what any club has to do in these types of situations.