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Antonio Conte has his say on the Super League

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Inter Milan boss Antonio Conte took out time to comment on the controversial Super League, giving his opinion on the matter.

Antonio Conte was pleased with Inter’s performance in the 1-1 draw with Spezia and also shared his thoughts on the Super League. While he is against the competition, the Italian manager also urges UEFA to ‘reflect’ on sharing resources better.

After 11 consecutive victories, this was their second consecutive 1-1 draw, again with a costly Samir Handanovic error. They nonetheless extended their lead at the top to 10 points, as Milan lost to Sassuolo earlier today.

“The pressure is inevitable, as let’s not forget that many players are challenging for something important for the first time. They are doing it very well and I think we could easily have deserved the win,” Conte told Sky Sport Italia.

“I was happy with the intensity of the performance, though we could’ve had more quality in the final third, which is why we’re talking about a draw rather than a win.

The last three days have been dominated by the chaos of 12 clubs, including Inter, announcing they would set up a breakaway Super League, then scrapping it 48 hours later.

“Inevitably, we also heard all this news that was coming in. As a man of sport, I think we must never forget tradition. This is history and it should be respected,” added Conte.

“We must never forget the passion for sport and, certainly not least, sport must be meritocratic. We work to win and to earn something. Meritocracy must always be first and foremost.

“Having said that, everything which happened shows it’s only right that UEFA reflect too. They organise tournaments, take all the rights and reserve only a minimal part of that for the teams who are actually taking part in these tournaments.

“The players are squeezed like lemons with this packed fixture list and get very little for it. So the organisations need to consider a more congruous remuneration, because clubs invest in coaches and players, so they deserve some of the revenue that they help to generate.

“If you get 10 from rights and keep seven of it for yourself, giving out just three to everybody else, that’s not really fair. I think the split needs to be reconsidered.”

The new Champions League format will have even more games, as it’ll be two groups of 10 playing home and away.

“I haven’t really reflected on the format. It doesn’t matter who many are in there, the important thing is that there is meritocracy, otherwise sport loses its meaning. Meritocracy is the most important thing, but also the organisations including those who run the international fixtures need to consider spreading out the resources a little better.”